We Focus on Possibilities, Not Disabilities

Providing Equine Assisted Therapy to Northern Wisconsin

Nestled in the serene beauty of the Northwoods of Wisconsin, our organization is dedicated to harnessing the profound connection between humans and horses to facilitate transformative healing journeys.



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Our Mission

Changing Lives with Equine Assisted Therapy

Horses are gentle and nonjudgmental, allowing for unique emotional and physical connections that foster trust, companionship, and inner peace. This special bond leads to profound healing experiences, making a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

Your horses opened the understanding that therapy doesn't have to be a traditional couch therapy. For us, that opened the door to therapy that actually helps my kids. Thank you for your time and the gift that you bring.

- Tracy Sirna, mother of 3 kids on the autism spectrum

The smiles on my sons' faces when they are in the saddles is priceless! Thank you!

- Kristin Wahl, mom of Jackson and Chase

I don't know that our kids would have the opportunity outside of camp to be around horses. So having them at camp is truly an experience they will treasure and remember for ever.

- The Rose Family

I have personally experienced Lenelle's patience when we worked to get Brysson up on a horse the very first time. We worked as a team - and as a result, he rides every year at camp.

- Amy Dahlin, Brysson, Drew and Blake's mom

We are SO thankful for your time and unconditional love that you give to our children. You are the best!

  • The Hansens, Dan, Jodi, Dayton, Maddie and Lexie

It is always a highlight of our camp to see our anxious son, Eli up on that horse relaxed and happy; hugging every inch of that horse with his body. We know that the horse day is going to be a great day at camp.

- Amy, Troy, Hannah & Eli Bushman

I have had the privilege of hearing a non verbal child speak for the first time at the mere sight of the horses. I have watched otherwise shy children come out of their shells.

- Kristin Underwood, Group Leader Camp AweSum


Our Animals

The animals create meaningful connections and offer emotional support, profoundly affecting the lives of all those they interact with.


Our People

These hardworking and passionate individuals work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our programs run smoothly day in and day out.