Dr. Temple Grandin – May 23, 2024

We were thrilled to be able to host Dr. Temple Grandin, an exceptional scientist, author, and speaker, at SCIG!

Dr. Temple Grandin is a renowned animal behavior expert, advocate for autism awareness, and author. She is also known for her work in animal welfare, particularly in designing humane livestock handling systems. Dr. Grandin herself is on the autism spectrum and has used her unique perspective to revolutionize the livestock industry and raise awareness about autism. She’s written several books, including “Thinking in Pictures” and “Animals in Translation,” and her life story has been depicted in a biographical film titled “Temple Grandin.”

We had quite a full house for Dr. Grandin to speak with when she visited the arena on Thursday, May 23rd. As she spoke she emphasized the importance of involving kids in tasks such as preparing meals, teaching them to drive, and helping them acquire job skills to prepare them for a beautiful successful future. She also signed copies of her books and took photos with people who came to meet her!


We were all thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Dr. Grandin and are thankful for everyone who worked hard to make this event a reality.


This event was brought to us through grants from Wisconsin DHS-Home & Community Based Services from the American Rescue Plan Act & Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities-Sparks Grant.