School Curriculum Courses

The School Curriculum Courses Program provides purposeful, supervised interaction with horses for students with physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities. Therapeutic riding is an exciting way to help children with disabilities. Session participants interact with horses and have an experience any would envy. The joy equine therapy brings is second to none. We welcome all Special Needs Education classes to the farm. Call Lenelle to schedule a field trip.


  • Building self confidence and respect.
  • Demonstrating responsibility.
  • Expanding social skills through communication, trust and teamwork.
  • Developing problem-solving skills.
  • Making positive choices.
  • Improving physical fitness.


Lessons are individually structured for each participant in either private or group session, typically one hour long. Students learn through riding to assume personal responsibilities and gain positive problem-solving skills.

Riders in Motion stresses hands-on learning including:

  • Catching and leading the horse.
  • Grooming, saddling and bridling.
  • Equipment care and cleaning up.


  • Self confidence soars.
  • Muscle groups the rider uses in walking, sitting and reaching are toned up, stretched and strengthened.
  • A non-verbal line of communication is created between rider and horse which can lead to emerging speech.
  • Hand-eye coordination, head and upper-body strength and joint mobility all improve.


Safety is our number one concern. All participants must wear helmets, long pants and boots with heels (we have a limited supply of extra boots if you forget your own). Shorts are not allowed.

We strive to take those with different
abilities to new heights with the belief
that every star shines ... brilliantly.